Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Day Out with Thomas & Percy

On Saturday we took Grant to the Day Out with Thomas event at the Transportation Museum. Since we did this last year at Tweetsie Railroad, we thought it might be fun to check it out at a different location. When I went online to get tickets, I saw that you could buy tickets that included a ride with Percy too and as a friend put it...if you're going to drive all that way, you may as well ride Percy too. 
As soon as we got there, Percy was pulling into the station after a ride.
I was so focused on making sure we got there in time for our ride with never occurred to me to check our Percy time. So we got there...saw Percy...took some pictures...and then I found an employee to just find out what we needed to do. She checked our tickets and pointed out that our Percy ride was in 10 minutes!  So we boarded right then. 
So excited :)
It turns out that Percy was pulling the caboose train, which didn't offer much for sight seeing (tiny windows) but Grant really didn't care. He just wanted to ride the train.

At one point along the ride, our guide told us that we would be passing Thomas. Unfortunately we weren't sitting on that side. But the man and his son on the other side of the train offered for us to go over and share their window. He didn't have to ask twice. Grant was over there in two seconds.

I sort of wondered if the man had regretted his offer
because Grant talked their ears off (they were very nice).
The man also pointed out this "911 train" which became
Grant's obsession for the rest of the ride.
Immediately following our Percy ride we had to check in quick to get our wristbands and then head over to the line for our Thomas ride. 

There he is!
And he's pulling all those cars (with some help, of course)
The line moved quick and they were pretty organized. And we somehow got seated in the car right behind Thomas. When we walked into the car Grant said "I can see Thomas' skin!"
Excited to ride with Thomas!
The boy loves a map.
I just love how happy he is :)
So right before the ride starts the guide tells us that we have help Thomas by yelling "All aboard!" So everyone did...and then Thomas blows his whistle...
Grant was excited about hearing Thomas' whistle!
This ride offered better views from bigger windows. They take you back and forth on the tracks in front of the museum.
The roundhouse.
Some other trains out on the tracks.
They told us Percy would be passing us soon.
Hi Percy!
Waving to the people.
He had no desire to wait in line to have his picture
taken with Thomas, this was as close as we got
(behind him is part of line for pictures).
After that, Grant just wanted to check out the museum (convenient, because we did too).

They had a firetruck on display for the kids to check out.
What kid doesn't want to wear a real fireman's helmet?
The Transportation Museum is a really neat place. We had talked about going but this was our first time. So many great buildings filled with great stuff!

One building was just for model trains and all the little things that go with the model trains. There were so many buttons for the kids to push so they could watch all the little models do things! I'm pretty sure Grant pressed every single one.
They had a little Thomas too but I didn't get a
good picture of it.
One building had old cars in it.

The building I was most excited about looked like it was undergoing some repairs so most of it was restricted inside. It was the building that had all the old firetrucks in it (and a plane that Grant could see through the window).

After that, it was on to the roundhouse to check out more trains! So much neat stuff at this place!

From here you can see the turntable that you can ride. Of course,
we had to do that but it was raining so I didn't take pictures.

And we got to see Thomas on one of his last rides of the day.
After that, it was time to start heading back to the car but not before stopping so Grant could run through the hay maze.

I didn't realize how big this place was until we got there. If I had, I would have planned better because we didn't get to see everything. We'll definitely be making plans to go back!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

5 Year Photos

Over the weekend Grant and I went to a different park aaaallllll the way out in Wake Forest (E. Carroll Joyner Park) to do his 5 year photos. It was probably way too far to drive for an hour or so of picture-taking but I thought the buildings there looked pretty neat so we went. 

Grant is at an age where we kind of have to make a deal for cooperation where pictures are concerned. The last couple times it's been ice cream or a snow cone. Since Grant got cowboy boots for his birthday and he already had a cowboy hat...this time our deal was a snow cone AND he got to dress like a cowboy.

I am fully aware of the ridiculousness of these pictures. So aware. And of course, the ones of him in the cowboy outfit turned out the best because he was incredibly excited. 

He would have worn that outfit all day if I'd let him (it was like a million degrees,

He insisted on that shirt because "that is what cowboys wear".

The boots that he is so proud of.
He had too much fun wearing that outfit (and I have no doubt we'll be seeing more of it when the weather gets cooler). After I changed him into shorts...Grant's cooperation kind of went south. But I'm glad I got some fun pictures of this cowboy phase he seems to be going through (and a couple un-cowboy ones too).

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Five Years

Yesterday this crazy kid turned 5 years old:

I haven't had time to do Grant's "5 year pictures"  yet, so
I'm re-using one of my favorites from his party day. 
So what is this little man up to at 5:

  • KINDERGARTNER! Crazy, right? So far, so good, though. He seems to be enjoying school and loves to tell us about his day so we're trying to enjoy that while it lasts.
  • At least 45" tall. I know this because my sister & took Grant to a water park last week and he was tall enough to go on some of the crazier water slides. He has his check up next week.
  • SO excited to be 5! I'm not sure why this year more than last year but he just couldn't wait to be 5.
  • Current obsessions: dinosaurs - the boy is crazy over dinosaurs; volcanoes - probably because he associates them with dinosaurs; solar system - not sure what started this but we've been reading some interesting stuff (also if you ask Grant what he knows about the solar system, you may hear "Jupiter has gas!"); cars, trucks, trains, planes, helicopters, and anything else that has an engine; Minions - they fart, 'nuff said.
  • What's on TV: Transformers, Jurassic Park, The Land Before Time, DinoTrux, Ninja Turtles, Paw Patrol, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Sofia the First, Night at the Museum, Lion King, Cars (and Cars 2).
  • Books! I love that this kid is a book lover. 9 time out of 10, if Grant is quiet, he's in his room thumbing through a book. For Easter he got a big book about dinosaurs so he looks through that often and most recently he's been requesting his book about sharks when we read at bed time (although the new book about the solar system he got from us yesterday may be taking the #1 spot for a while).
  • Music: Grant is alarmingly into country music. It started out kind of funny because he just loved to listen to Boxcar Willie in the truck with Husband. But then he really got into Eric Church and now Luke Brian is his favorite thing ever. Sometimes in my car I have to impose a "No Country Music Rule" where he has to listen to the Disney pandora station or sometimes he'll ask to listen to Trans Siberian Orchestra (he does actually like TSO). 
  • Very animated. Loves to act things out when telling stories.
  • Loves to build! Legos are everywhere in our house. Grant is always building something (and then crashing it and building it again).
  • Still loves board games and puzzles and recently got him into some card games (Go Fish and Crazy 8's). We have so much fun playing games together...and I don't even have to let him win.
  • Grant loves to be outside. In the sandbox, hitting baseballs, knocking around his kickball, doesn't matter. Most recently we've started going on long walks at the park. I love that he's at an age where we can take bigger walks together and explore places we couldn't go back when he needed a stroller. 
After having Grant's birthday party on Saturday, we had a small celebration yesterday just the three of us. Husband & I had lunch at school with Grant. He had requested Olive Garden for dinner so we did that and then went home to open a couple presents. I think he had a really good day and even told us at dinner "This has been the best birthday EVER!" 

I love that Grant is always looking forward. But as his Mama I can't help but look back at how he's grown into the awesome little man that I'm so proud of.

I'm aiming for this weekend to do some 5 year pictures. I promised a choice of ice cream or a snow cone for cooperation (I remember when it just used to be a lollipop). But I think Grant is looking a little forward to it too...I told him he could wear his "cowboy outfit" for a couple pictures.
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