Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Snow Days!

Back in November I made an impulse buy at Target (you don't say!). A sled. Because last year when we had snow days I was dragging Grant around the yard in the lid of his old sandbox...and that was only fun for one of us. That poor sled has sat in the garage looking very lonely ever since. I really didn't think it would see any use this year.

But yes! Finally some winter weather. And snow days. The first - two weeks ago - was really more of an "ice day", no real snow to speak of. But the yard was slippery enough that we got some good use of the sled. The only real disappointment for either of us was that no real snow means no snow slushies. Grant remembered the snow slushies from last year, he was a bit sad about missing out on those (and so was I).

We managed to find a couple good spots in our yard where we could make the sled really go and, of course, I pulled him in laps around the house.

Not much on the ground, but it was slippery!

He kept throwing his hands up like he was on a roller coaster.
After simply riding down our little slope, he decided
to "crash" his sled like a race car...every time.
We ventured back in the woods like last year to get a look at the little stream we had found (it gets quite nasty back there in summer so this is strictly a winter adventure). It looked much the same as it did last year but still so pretty!
We found out not long after this that a coyote lives
back there...so this was our last adventure in the woods!
When we went back to riding in the sled, I told Grant it was my turn.
That didn't work out too well for me.
We had so much fun playing outside that day! And we ended up with the next day off too although the yard was no longer sled-worthy.

We got just a little bit of real snow that evening, but it didn't last long.
Round two of the snow was last week. Tuesday I was actually on my way to Greensboro for a trade show but got called back by the office. On my way back to the office I found out daycare was closing early, so headed there instead. When we got home, we did one of Grant's very favorite things: made koolaid. Because enough snow had fallen that we could make slushies (not being fans of that snow cream business)! So we did that while my big pot of chicken & pastry cooked on the stove (YUM!). 

After a nap, though, it was time to play outside! Last year my sister sent Grant a pair of snow pants and he hates them. He actually cried when I made him wear them the first time (the "ice day" above). Quite ridiculous, yes? Kids. Anyway, no snow pants = no playing outside so he didn't give me a hard time anymore. 

They're a little big so I think he felt silly but they work!
He brought a couple monster trucks outside to play with when we weren't sledding. We made little jumps for them out of the snow and he thought that was just the greatest.

And more sledding...and snow balls...
So happy :)

And, of course, he had to eat the snow too.

I love snow! And I love spending our snow days like this. It doesn't happen often so I try to enjoy it. Grant looks at me with disbelief when I tell him I used to get to play like this all the time in the winter where I grew up. He wants to go up to NY one winter to see Aunt Shauna and to see all that snow. I hope we get to make that happen sometime!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Monster Jam 2015

Monster Jam seems to have become a family tradition. We've taken Grant to it every year since 2012. Much like I said last year, monster trucks no longer top the list of Grant's favorites...but he does still love them. We don't watch them on TV like we used to but he still plays with all his monster truck toys (and continues to collect them) and he still knows their names and what-not. And as he gets older, it's even more fun to take him to the events and watch his reactions.

This year's show was on Valentine's Day. I know, I know. Nothing says romance like being dangerously close to over-sized trucks and shouting at each other in an arena so you can be heard through your ear-plugs, right? We've never been a Valentine's Day couple, so Monster Jam really was much more exciting than what we would have done (called for pizza and watched TV). I had been out of town at a conference for work so we had to go to the evening show instead of the afternoon. Grant was napping when I got home so I got to wake him up. He jumped up, said "Mama! You're home!", and then "Are we still going to Monster Jam?" Priorities.

Excited and waiting not so patiently!
This year they had 10 trucks there instead of 6, most of which Grant had never seen in person so that was exciting. Plus, we had really great seats.
Carolina Crusher, Grave Digger, and Gun Slinger
Monster Mutt Rottweiler (my favorite) and Extermigator behind him
Scooby Doo!
El Diablo (Grant's new obsession)
Ice Cream Man!
There were also ones called Full Boar and El Toro Loco that I only got crappy pictures of because I only had my phone.

Grant kept calling the El Diablo truck the Zombie truck. We've seen the Zombie truck on TV (google it, it has big floppy arms that wave all over when he jumps and it's hysterical!) and he loved it. We explained that this was a different truck. He didn't care, he loved it. And I think he was cheering for El Diablo more than his favorite, Grave Digger. At one point he said "I love that truck! He looks like this!"
We were cracking up!
So first they do the wheelie competition, then "racing", then donuts, and finally freestyle. In between all that they do 4-wheeler races and they had "The Human Bomb" who blows himself up along with Mr. Bomb's wife, "Cannon Lady" who shoots herself out of a cannon. 

Have you ever seen a giant ice cream truck do a wheelie?
El Toro Loco
Monster Mutt Rottweiler
El Diablo
Uh oh!
Guess what? He won.
Grave Digger.
I think it was after wheelies that they did The Human Bomb (maybe, I was very tired). This man gets inside a box with - supposedly - the equivalent of 5 sticks of dynamite. Also with very little protection. However it happens, he comes it out of it perfectly fine. But it does make a very, VERY big boom. We're always armed with ear protection and we told Grant right before it happened that it was going to be very loud. He said OK and held our hands. When it was over he said "I did NOT like that. I don't want that to happen again."

So then, racing. Which isn't much of a race and I didn't get good pictures.

First one over the hump and across the line wins.
Having fun!
After the racing there was an intermission so we walked around some and got a snack before heading back in. Once back at our seats...there was a cannon set up right in front of us. When Grant finally asked why it was there and found out that a person was going to be shot out of it, he started crying. And didn't stop until it was over. It happened pretty quick, so that was good.

And then there were donuts.

Some were really neat to watch...others, I wasn't actually aware they were doing donuts. I'm so critical, huh?

And then freestyle, which I really didn't get any good pictures of except El Diablo who really got going and was losing parts off his truck left and right. Grant kept yelling "He lost his tongue!" It was the El Diablo truck that won that competition. They always give out their trophies to someone in the crowd. The driver came over really close to us, I thought Grant might get it!
I guess he wasn't as enthusiastic as the other kids.
But he didn't. Oh well. Grant was so excited about everything going on that it barely registered with him that the driver was right there in front of him. After that, it was time to go. 
He had a good time :)
We thought he'd conk out on the way home given how late it was. WRONG. He talked about the show the whole way home. I'm glad he had so much fun!

Friday, February 20, 2015

High Five for Friday

Hi there! Today I'm linking up Jennie to share some of my favorite stuff from the past week.

1) Friday was Grant's Valentine's Day party at school. He's been so excited about this! I was out of town for work Thurs-Sat but I couldn't wait to get him on the phone as soon as I could so I could hear all about his party. It sounds like he had a really good time!
Most of Grant's Valentine's (all but the ones for his teachers) had his name
on them already but he wrote all his classmates names on the envelopes.
And *braggy mom moment* he could read most of them off the
list. I was pretty impressed by this!
He really loved the Valentines he gave out!
These are the crayon hearts Grant gave to his classmates
(Also Tiny Prints - where the Valentines came from - put my craft on Twitter!) 
And these are the cupcakes I made for his party. I made kind of
a lot but I hear people got to bring some home so that's good!
2) Every year my co-worker, Janis, and I are out of town for Valentine's Day at the Cattlemen's Conference. We joke about spending that day together every year. This year was our last one together since Janis is retiring!
Me & Janis
As a side note: this was LUNCH :)
3) We actually only spent half of Valentine's Day together since the conference was over that day. I came home to some gorgeous flowers...and then we took Grant to Monster Jam! How's that for romance? Grant had a blast, it really was a great way to spend the evening!
My pretty roses
So excited for the show to start!
Imitating the El Diablo truck. We cracked up over this! He'd never seen
this one before and I think it was his favorite that night
(maybe more so than Grave Digger).
Gotta love the crashes!
4) We had a couple "snow days" this week. More like ice days. Daycare closed Tuesday & Wednesday so Grant & I had some fun. Back in November I bought a sled just to be prepared and I thought I had jinxed us! But even though there was no real snow, the yard was still slick enough that we could use the sled. Grant had so much fun! Day 2 wasn't as sled friendly so we did stuff around the house like some workbook stuff and learning games.
Snow day smiles!
My little half-Yankee loves the cold weather like his Mama :)
Wednesday evening we had some exciting snow flurries but they didn't last long.
5) I like to meal plan for the week and I'm always so excited when I stick to it. This week I was glad I did it early because I really don't enjoy the craziness of the grocery store when winter weather is coming. And tonight I shall be rewarded by not cooking! 
This very cheesy baked ziti was a hit the other night!
Happy Friday everyone!
Have a great weekend!
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