Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Four Years

Four years old! It happened so fast. This year hit me hard because yesterday was Grant's first day of Pre-K and the Kindergarten/school registration talk has already started. He loves to tell us "One day I'm going to be bigger and go to a new school" and he sounds excited so I have to be excited too. And I am...but it really does seem like 10 minutes ago that we brought him home from the hospital or he crawled for the first time or walked. All that. Cliche, yes...it goes by so fast.

But today will be awesome. We're headed to the zoo! Husband and I took the day off for Grant's real birthday and a zoo trip was requested. Tonight he'll get his presents :)

Four Years:

  • The check-up (and Kindergarten shots) are this week so height and weight then. As always...tall, skinny, and nothing but muscle! 

  • Buying clothes for this kid is a chore! He's wearing a 4T right now because it's still shorts season...but I'm not looking forward to finding pants. Thank goodness for adjustable waists! (And can they please stop making so many boys t-shirts that say things like "Heart breaker" or "Stud muffin". Really?)
  • Shoes: 11 or 11.5 depending on the brand

  • Preschooler! His first day was yesterday. 
  • Gets himself dressed in the morning. I lay his clothes out but he does the work. It's a real time saver. But it doesn't always go perfectly. Like the morning he put his undies on over the undies we put on the night before and went to school with two pairs of underpants on (we had no idea until after we got home).

  • Loves to do his flash cards with letters & numbers. The alphabet is no problem but with numbers, he forgets the higher ones. Sometimes I make games out of the flashcards and he really has fun with that.
  • Still working on writing his letters and numbers. He's pretty good with his name but if he's in the wrong mood he acts like he can't even hold a pencil. This coming year we're going to buckle down!
  • Big fan of books! Our night time routine has always included books and he's always loved to be read to. And I've always loved how when it gets quiet in my house and I go looking for what kind of mischief he's gotten himself into, I'll usually find him quietly thumbing through a book. But lately I've heard him thumbing through his books and "reading" aloud his memorized version of the story. I hope he stays a reader.

  • Board games and puzzles! We've got quite a board game collection now and it's so fun to play as a family. Grant is much better at handling a loss and even gets excited for the winner. And we have SO many puzzles! I love watching him figure them out and how proud of himself he is when he finishes without help.
  • Pretty polite. I'd say he's got pretty good manners and he's getting better at not interrupting. We're working on it.
I love this picture so much

  • Pretty good eater! I try to serve vegetables with as many meals as I can and I find that Grant is a good veggie eater. Sauteed squash and zucchini are his favorite! I always have to cook a lot of that because he always wants seconds.
  • Finally a fan of ice cream (that was killing me) and some cookies but still no interest in cake. But I think popsicles are still his #1 favorite treat.

  • Somehow he's become a Star Wars fan. I really have no idea how that happened. We'd never watched those movies with him but he's into it. Husband likes the movies so that's good but I'm not a fan so I'm having to force myself to find interest.
  • Still loves monster trucks, race cars, and Avengers (superheroes) but newer on the list (besides Star Wars) are Transformers and the Ninja Turtles. Also someone got him into Power Rangers. That is the one thing he's into that I wish I could get him away from. Good Lord that is a horrible show!

  • Pretty much thinks Cracker Barrel and Target are two of the best places on Earth.
  • Mr. Independent. He'll hold hands with us out of habit but give him a little freedom and it's "I can walk by myself!"
  • Contrary to that last statement, he is still our little boy. He's so loving and never misses an opportunity to tell us that he loves us or give us hugs and kisses.
  • Finds joy in almost anything. I so love this! He's so happy and full of energy. Even the littlest things we do together are great.

Four years ago I became a mom and my world was turned upside-down in the best way possible. It has passed unbelievably quick but I am so thankful for every moment. This boy. This boy! I am the luckiest Mama in the world because of this boy. I am wowed by him every day, learn from him, am frustrated by him, and overwhelmed by how much I love him and loved I am in return.

Happy 4th birthday to my Grant-man!

Friday, August 15, 2014

High Five for Friday

Today I'm linking up with Lauren and Jennie to share some of my favorite stuff from the past week. Lots of birthday party prep this week!

1) Friday night we went out to dinner after work. Since we met there and had both our vehicles, Husband went home to mow and I took Grant on a few quick errands for his birthday party supplies. He loves shopping for his party and he's actually a really good shopping buddy. It was a good start to our weekend!
Chowing down on a lemon at dinner.
2) Saturday I actually set my alarm to get up for a morning run. I figured I'd turn it off and go back to sleep but I didn't! I got up and did 3 miles! It was my first morning run and I was pretty proud of myself. However, I've tried to do that every morning this week and I did turn off my alarm in favor of more sleep. Baby steps, right?

3) I made more masks for Grant's Avengers party! (Go HERE to see the Iron Man ones.) I know it's way more than we'll need or probably use but they're foam and one sheet can make up to 8 masks so I just kept making them. Husband just rolls his eyes when he sees me doing this stuff but I like to do crafty things and when I see how excited Grant is about the masks it makes it even more fun!
I think these are my favorite!

I can't wait for my elastic to come so he doesn't
have to keep holding them up to his face!
4) We went for a bike ride around the neighborhood! Grant was super excited about it until I pulled out a sleeveless shirt for him to wear. He actually started crying because he hates shirts without sleeves. I find his hatred of them to be hysterical but I shouldn't be surprised given how opinionated he's been - for about a year now - on his wardrobe. But it was hot so I held my ground on the shirt and he got over it.

5) More party prep! I see those personalized Hershey kisses all over Pinterest & Etsy and Hershey kisses are one of Grant's favorite candies...so I decided to try to make them! I think they turned out pretty cute. I can't wait to make more with different designs :)

Happy Friday!
Have a great weekend!
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Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Doggies of NY

One of the things that excited Grant (and Husband) about our summer vacation was the promise of doggie play time. Since our doggie, Brodie, passed away last year there has been a serious lack of doggie loving for those two and some serious Doggie Fever going on. My sister and her boyfriend have two dogs - why do you ask? - Lennon (a black lab who's mom, I think, had an affair with a horse and never told anyone) and Kiya (a boxer). Lennon we know and gets along famously with Grant. Kiya...well, we'd met briefly. 

Grant, I think, adjusted quickly to living with two dogs for a week. It helped that neither of them is the type of dog that will swipe and eat his toys. And Husband spent as much time as he could laying on the floor cuddling with Lennon.

Lennon is a very handsome guy and Grant adores him (I believe the feeling is mutual - you can read about their doggie BFF relationship HERE). He's a good boy unless there is good around...for instance: if there is a little boy not much taller than Lennon who is about to take a bite of a piece of cold pizza but Lennon wants it - so he takes it. And let me tell ya, the "drop it" command doesn't work then. It happened so fast that Grant just stood there stunned. And even after that, I can't tell you how many times I tried to keep Lennon from eating something when Grant would defend him with "He's a hungry boy, Mama!"

Taken shortly after the pizza theft.
He's a rather photogenic guy, don't you think?
"Oh hey. I'm just sitting here being huge."
"I have pretty eyes too. Want to give me pizza?"

So, I'm not gonna lie. When I met Kiya briefly last year my reaction was "Oh my". She's got some wonky eyes that are a little off-putting at first. But she grew on me quickly and I found out she's a very sweet girl. And much more polite about food! Grant loved her too and she put up with a lot from him (I'm pretty sure she was shot with a Nerf gun at least once) so she's OK in my book :)

She's pretty mellow too (unless you just got there).

"Quit talking about the treat and just give to me already!"
When she gets tired, her tongue sticks out :)
I think these two are probably still recuperating from our stay. We - especially Grant - wore them out.

Always had to say goodnight to Lennon.

"I love you Lennon"
 All week, if you were trying to find Lennon...you pretty just had to find Grant:

"Hey! Why are you upside down?!"

Friday, August 8, 2014

High Five for Friday

Today I'm linking up with Lauren and Jennie to share some of my favorite stuff from the past two weeks. I skipped last week because of vacation so I'm combining them!

1) On Saturday, July 26, we left for a vacation in upstate NY to visit my family. We make this trip once a year and look forward to our summer vacation! Grant loved it because we stayed in a hotel on the way up and the way back AND he got to play with doggies all week at my sister's house!
He's allowed to jump on hotel beds (when Husband isn't looking).

Grant loves Lennon! (And Lennon loves Grant)
2) We did a TON of good eating on vacation (and by "good eating" I mean not the least bit healthy). My sister and I were desperately craving some exercise - never thought I'd say that - and got to go on a hike one evening just the two of us. It was a great trail with some awesome views!
Me & Sis
Seriously gorgeous, right??
3) It was pretty chilly for summer while we were there but on our last day before our two day journey south, we managed to get over to my Aunt & Uncles house for a swim. I just had to. I spent so much time there as a kid and LOVE swimming in the lake. It was too cold for Grant to willingly go any farther than his waist so I was the only one actually swimming (and it was really too cold for me but I had to!).
So pretty and peaceful :)
I love bringing Grant to the places where I spent so much time as a kid!
4) FOOD. There is so much food I miss from back home and I bring back as much as I can with me. This time it consisted of my favorite cheeses, favorite hot dogs (3 packages in my freezer and I'm the only one in the house who likes them!), favorite store-bought cookies, and salt potatoes - which are really just little potatoes boiled in extremely over-salted water and they're fantastic!
THE best store-bought chocolate chip cookies!
Salt potatoes cooked with Monday night's dinner
5) For about year we've been scouring places looking for the perfect toy box and just haven't found anything worth buying. My sister still had the toy box my dad built for us when we were little and was willing to part with it so we brought that home for Grant's room. I started re-organizing his room this week and got the toy box set up in its new home. I love that we're able to use what my dad made!

Happy Friday!
Have a great weekend!
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Friday, July 25, 2014

High Five for Friday

Today I'm linking up with Lauren and Jennie to share some of my favorite stuff from the past week.

1) Friday night we got free tickets to take Grant to see Marvel Universe Live! We don't very often let Grant stay up (or out) that late but this was a can't-miss opportunity and we really didn't get home as late as I thought we would. It was a great start to our weekend!

2) Saturday afternoon we did some shopping for our upcoming vacation and ended up having a late dinner at our favorite mexican place. I spent a really great weekend with my two favorite guys!

3) Sunday morning I had planned to cook us a good breakfast and had a very willing volunteer. I've said time and again that I love having Grant help me in the kitchen and he loves it too. Sunday after I scrambled the eggs and poured them, he actually cooked them! He added the cheese and stirred the eggs in the pan until they were ready for me to plate them. When we sat down to eat I complemented him on how good the eggs were and thanked him for his help. He said "Mmm! You're welcome. They are tasty!"

4) My sister is once again participating in a one mile swim to benefit Hospice back home. She was asked to do a radio interview about her fundraising efforts! I thought it was pretty cool :) (If you want to help with her efforts you can go HERE!)

5) I was asked to make yet another farewell cake for work. I think the only cakes I've made lately are for people leaving our office!

Happy Friday!
Have a great weekend!
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